Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Would You Like to Try Zrii? Try Zrii Before You Join.

If you would like to try Zrii before you join, you can now buy single bottles of Zrii from ZMentoring.com. There are a couple Independent Executives giving away the small 3 ounce bottles as a Zrii sample, but the recommended usage is 1-3 ounces per day. This means, depending on your usage, you would have a 1-3 day supply. This is not long enough to experience the revitalizing effects of Zrii. If you really want to try Zrii, buy a 25 ounce bottle. That way you have a 8-25 day supply, enough to really experience zrii.

The 25 oz or 750mL bottle is just the right size for one person to try Zrii. If you're a doctor or health industry professional and you're wondering if you should buy Zrii or refer your clients to Zrii products, you can now try it for yourself and see if it is something you'd feel comfortable incorporating into your practice or business.

Of course you can always save money by buying a 4 pack of Zrii through our Zrii website on autoship, at zmentoring.myzrii.com. Place an order through our Zrii site and you save 25% off retail prices. The 4 pack of Zrii, retail price of $160 is then $120 on autoship. You will be setting up an autoship of Zrii to be sent to you automatically. You can cancel at any time though.

The one bottle purchase available at http://www.zmentoring.com/buy-zrii.htm is for those wishing to purchase a single bottle to try zrii. Once you try Zrii, we know you'll want to be a part of what's going on.

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