Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Zrii Business and Internet Marketing

At the heart of any successful business is marketing. If you're not marketing, you're drowning. These days, we have a great advantage over those who were involved in the start ups of the early network marketing companies. Back then, Internet marketing didn't even exist and consultants were recruiting friends and family members at their kitchen tables over coffee. Don't get me wrong, that works and you should absolutely tell everyone you know about your business, but don't neglect one or the other.

Once you understand the power behind the Internet and how it can explode your business, you'll be amazed. Just think, everyone wants to do better than where they're at right now. Talk to a guy who makes $200,000 a year and ask him if he would like to learn how to make $500,000 a year. Ask someone who makes minimum wage if they'd like to learn how to make $20 an hour. Point is, everyone is looking for an opportunity. And, where are they looking? The Internet.

So, what do you need to know about Internet marketing in order to build your Zrii business? Well, we'll teach you that. I will tell you though, it's much easier than you think. It's not about spending $1,000's on pay per clicks or banner ads. It's about understanding that there are millions of people out there who are just like you and looking for an opportunity just like you were. In network marketing, you can be a skeptic and say it's a scam, a waste of time, or rip off... Or, you can join and position yourself to attract others and build a business through social marketing, blogging, video marketing, and more.

The truth is, companies like Zrii are going to grow with you or without you. You can get on the train and use the Internet as a tool to find success or you can stay at the station. I've built two businesses from the ground up ONLY using the Internet. Did it happen overnight? Not really, but it did happen quickly. The formula is simple. Get involved. Position yourself for people who are looking for you to find you. Build relationships. Build a business.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking For Zrii Reviews? Let Me Tell You About My Zrii Experience.

You've probably heard about Zrii and now you're looking around the Internet for Zrii reviews. Although I am a team leader and proud Independent Executive with Zrii, I still wanted to give my honest review.

First of all, I've seen some Zrii reviews recently from some people out there who say they tried and sample. What most of them are calling a "sample" was a 3 ounce fridge pack bottle that other Zrii folks give away for people to try. And, that's fine if you just want to try it. Now, I already mentioned this before in my blog, so I won't harp on it too much. But you have to know - you ARE NOT going to see any results or health benefits just trying 3 ounces. I'm sure most of us are smart enough to realize that and it should go without saying.

When I first started taking Zrii, I wasn't expecting to see anything magical. I was very realistic in my expectations. I started taking 2 ounces first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I didn't notice anything different right away. But, at the end of the first week I noticed I had more energy. Also, I use to drink two cups of coffee every morning. After a week, I wasn't craving that second cup. It inspired me to cut my coffee intake to a cup every other day. Before, I wasn't able to do that due to headaches I would get in the afternoon if I didn't drink coffee. Surprisingly, I didn't get those headaches after a day of no coffee.

We eat pretty healthy at my house, but we do get fast food sometimes since we have two girls and there's always something going on. Since being on Zrii, I'm inspired to live a little healthier and just keep driving. Give Zrii a shot. Don't listen to other Zrii reviews. You don't even have to take my word for it. Just try it for yourself and you be the judge.

That's my Zrii review. I am working on getting some Zrii reviews from some of my team members so I can post them on our blog as well. So, check back soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is Your REASON? What is Your "Why"?

I have a neighbor who works downtown, makes excellent money, but leaves at 5:30 am and gets home every night at 9:00pm. We live in Atlanta and the traffic is always pretty bad. So, I asked him how much of his day he spent on the road. His answer, 55 minutes to an hour and a half. He works 5 days a week, so I added it up. Give or take, he spends 20 days or more IN HIS CAR driving to and from work every year, 10 hours a week or more. Now, he loves his job and chose to live in our subdivision, but for those of you who do this and despise your job, could this be your reason to achieve better things?

My neighbor doesn't have kids either, but I know there are a lot of parents who commute, work a full time job, and juggle kids at the same time. The good news is, there is always a way out. The journey starts with focusing on your reason.

Since 2001, I have worked for myself. I have two little girls who I have had the incredible opportunity of waking up with them, having breakfast, taking them to the park, taking them to school and not having to worry about answering to some hot headed boss or spend 2 hours a day on the road commuting to work. I would not trade my time that I have had with them for ANYTHING in the world. For me, my reason... is TIME.

I was laid off from the telecommunications industry in 2001. At the time I was mad, but I had 6 months severance pay, so instead of finding another job, I got an education in real estate and got involved in the mortgage business, real estate appraisal, and bought and sold a hand full of houses. I thank God for being laid off back then. At the time, I thought it was end of the world, but it was a pivotal point in my life where my thinking changed. I thought I was secure in my job, but when my number came up, I got a pink slip. But, it forced me to focus on MY reason.

Point is, if you start focusing on your reason, you can achieve greatness. Money is just a means to an end. If you want to spend more time with your family, focus on that, focus on doing whatever you have to do to make that happen and I guarantee you it can.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I Joined Zrii. I Simply Stumbled Upon It.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Shane Lee. I'm the creator behind and a proud Zrii Independent Executive with my wife Angie.

I was researching my links from another network marketing company I am involved with and I ran across someone talking about Zrii. Already doing great in the other business I am in, I wasn't really interested in joining another opportunity, but something intrigued me about Zrii. I was gravitated to learn more about it. I watched some videos, dug around on the Internet, and really learned (over the course of a couple hours) that I had stumbled upon something special.

Since I was already heavily involved in another mlm type company related to the mortgage business and was growing my organization just fine, I was reluctant to join, but I knew I had to get involved with Zrii. Being the type of person I am, I just signed up and figured I'd work out how to make the time to build my Zrii business when I could. Plus, call it crazy, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe I stumbled upon Zrii that day for a reason. Likely the same reason you're here right now.

Now, the way that I found success with other opportunities was by creating systems, planning, then teaching other people how to duplicate the systems I use and training them how to be successful. So, I took a couple weeks, set out on a long journey to create mentoring system. I built relationships with other top Zrii Independent Executives who are successful, self made millionaires, business minded, abundant thinking, and just plain good people - to put together a mega Zrii training package.

I joined Zrii because I saw an incredible opportunity, but I saw the finished picture. I saw two years from now, when Zrii is the biggest nutritional drink in the world. I saw the opportunity to earn 7 figures a month. Yeah, I said 7 figures a month. So, whether you join our team or not, learn more about Zrii, soak up the information, and join. If you want the free training, support, duplicated systems, step by step path to success, and training from me and several other top millionaire Zrii IE's - join our Zrii team.

Would You Like to Try Zrii? Try Zrii Before You Join.

If you would like to try Zrii before you join, you can now buy single bottles of Zrii from There are a couple Independent Executives giving away the small 3 ounce bottles as a Zrii sample, but the recommended usage is 1-3 ounces per day. This means, depending on your usage, you would have a 1-3 day supply. This is not long enough to experience the revitalizing effects of Zrii. If you really want to try Zrii, buy a 25 ounce bottle. That way you have a 8-25 day supply, enough to really experience zrii.

The 25 oz or 750mL bottle is just the right size for one person to try Zrii. If you're a doctor or health industry professional and you're wondering if you should buy Zrii or refer your clients to Zrii products, you can now try it for yourself and see if it is something you'd feel comfortable incorporating into your practice or business.

Of course you can always save money by buying a 4 pack of Zrii through our Zrii website on autoship, at Place an order through our Zrii site and you save 25% off retail prices. The 4 pack of Zrii, retail price of $160 is then $120 on autoship. You will be setting up an autoship of Zrii to be sent to you automatically. You can cancel at any time though.

The one bottle purchase available at is for those wishing to purchase a single bottle to try zrii. Once you try Zrii, we know you'll want to be a part of what's going on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is Zrii a Legitimate Home Based Business?

I am involved with another network marketing business, but when I introduced to Zrii by a friend of mine, I knew I needed to be a part of it.

Number one, at this point Zrii is still a ground floor opportunity. This home based business opportunity allows you to start earning money from the moment you sign up. Many other network marketing companies allow you to earn a small commission on every sale, but the Zrii compensation plan lets you earn large commissions on every new enrollee in their first 90 days. This helps you ramp up your new business right out of the gate.

Never before has there been a network marketing opportunity that allows you to leverage the success of it's founder and the instant credibility an endorsement from the Chopra Center™ brings. Most network marketing companies start out in the dark, hoping for someone to find them, but Zrii premiered at the top and is setting records to soon be the fastest growing network marketing company in history.

Zrii is a legitimate home based business and is still in it's infancy. If you're interested in being involved in this ground floor opportunity, you can visit

Friday, August 15, 2008

Who is Bill Farley of Zrii?

Bill Farley is best known for his involvement in such mega brands as BVD, Christian Dior, Munsingwear and the ever popular Fruit of the Loom. Just recently, the billionaire legend launched the sky rocketing brand, Zrii, after becoming interested in network marketing.

It wasn't always black tie affairs and limousines for Bill Farley. His humble beginnings started in his hometown of Pawtucket, Rhode Island where his mother, a factory worker, and his father, a postal worker, struggled to earn a living. Bill earned his first red cents working as a newspaper delivery boy, later working as a lifeguard.

Right out of college, Farley started selling encyclopedias door to door in Los Angeles, CA where he honed some of his selling abilities and quickly became a sales manager and trainer. He valued education, so he enrolled into Boston College Law School where he then graduated with a JD degree.
Bill bought his first company, Anaheim Citrus Products in 1976, just four years after he joined the Lehman Brothers where he was an associate in corporate finance. Two years later, Bill Farley acquired Baumfolder, a subsidiary of Bell & Howell. His companies were doing remarkably during the 1990's. His companies employed 50,000 people and had earned over 4 billion dollars.
Among other ventures Bill Farley is involved in, Zrii made it's debut in late 2007 with an official launch in May of 2008. Still in it's infancy, Zrii continues to grow and set records and will soon be known as the fastest growing network marketing company of all time. Zrii is a new nutritional drink and network marketing opportunity currently open in the United States and Canada.

Bill Farley continues to be a leader in American business who teaches people to be responsible for their success, take a risk, and start with the small steps today which could lead to prosperity, health, and wealth tomorrow.